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it snowed a few weeks ago. ron and i woke up really early one morning, and stood on the balcony looking up into the darkness of 5am to watch the snow fall. i couldn’t go back to sleep, i was too excited and anxious for the sun to come up, so i could see what the neighborhood looked like in all white.

beta and i went for a walk later in the day. the wind was picking up and the closest snow shoes i had, were a pair of black boots w/ no grip that i picked up from a flea market in los angeles. it did the job, but left me slipping and waving my arms out to catch my balance here and there. the streets were quiet. all i could hear was the faint whirl of snow as it passed my ears, and the crunch of it under my feet. a few people were out walking their dogs, and others lugged groceries and colorful umbrellas around. we walked surprisingly far, down to the alley we always walk through to get to the town village. it looked icy, so we took the long way. the village was empty, and the local fruit stands weren’t selling much. i heard a few people complaining about the wind and how they couldn’t wait for spring. it made me smile for some reason.

before going home i stopped to take that last photo, and sat on a snowy bench to take it all in. i’ve never experienced living somewhere that snowed, never really experienced real season change either, so it’s been an experience so far! but sitting there on that little green bench while snow fell on my face, and the wind whipped my hair out of my jacket hood, and beta sat on my lap squirming her way out of my arms, overly excited to run through all that white. i felt happy. one of those days you don’t forget, y’know?

from kew gardens a few weeks ago.

if anyone has sent an email to my dearleila{at}yahoo{dot}com account, i might not have received it. sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused! trying to figure out what the problem is right now.

enjoy the weekend! i have no plans, just some ideas of where to visit! excited.

on a walk to parliament hill a few weekends ago. we spent the day sitting on benches, talking, and enjoying the view of the city while a man played his saxophone a bit off in the distance.


-exploring the neighborhoods
-christmas trees for sale at columbia road farmers market on a sunday
-walks through spitalfields and along the thames river
-the sunset at hydepark for winterwonderland
-traces of autumn
-swans and ducks on the serpentine
-mulled wine in the park
-cheap wine and the last sunset of 2012

looking forward to testing out a new lens this weekend. i’m finally getting over the flu, so i’m extra excited to flee the apartment for a bit!


-ice on the window, over ireland.

-beta’s been adapting to the cold rainy winter here in london. she used to cry and cry because she hated the cold wooden floors, but now i put her little furry bed out beneath the radiator, and she sleeps soundly for hours.

-clouds sometimes part and i run out onto the balcony to feel some sun on my face. the clouds seem to move really quickly here. rain, to sun, to heavy winds within minutes.

-we’ve been taking a lot of long walks around the new neighborhood recently (before getting sick). it’s been so nice exploring the streets, and tiny hidden alleys that lead up and down dark green hills.

walked along the river one day and then over the millenium bridge to st. paul’s cathedral, where we climbed to the very top right before sunset. my legs hated me the next day, but it was worth it.


i’m back! well, not really. I’m tethering my phone to my desktop and it’s a bad connection, but i’m so excited to share photos again!

the first half of the photos were shot in north london, when we were apartment hunting in late november. luckily we found a place within the first week we got here, so we’re all moved in, just waiting for the stuff we sent over by ocean to arrive.┬áthe second half of the photos were shot at borough market. ron and i went down one sunday and ate pulled pork sandwiches and vietnamese curry–i’ve been daydreaming about green curry ever since!

i also wanted to say merry christmas. hope everyone is having a good day with lots of food planned in your future : )