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Lately: Photo 1- One of my favorite spots to sit, relax and watch plane watch. 2- Ron at the park today. The weather was perfect and reminded me of Summer. 3- A rainy morning on the window sill 4- The ocean at sunset, a few weeks ago.

Life has been busy again and I haven’t taken many personal photos over the past month. I do have a few projects coming up, so I’m definitely excited for that.

Listening to this song a lot: No no, I can’t help you.

SX-70 // PX680 Film

This trip to Palm Springs has been amazing. The sunsets have been hot pink and blue, the weather in the 90’s, we’ve been laying out in hammocks and chairs by the pool, drinking blood orange cocktails and eating breakfast food for dinner, listening to records with the doors wide open, taking photos in the desert, wind and sand whipping our legs and faces, watching windmills at sunset and exploring random parts of town we had no idea existed.

It’s been fun to say the very least.

Here’s a few photos from the SX-70.

Also, we were listening to this song on repeat in our room: Band Of Horses / Infinite Arms- Factory
It’ll forever remind me of this trip!

Polaroid SX-70 | 600 Film (I’m running out) | Sunday’s Party

This weekend was a really good one. It was the first time in a really long time, Ron and I got to spend time together with NO plans. We ended up having lunch at a little deli and plane watching (while drinking mojitos) by the airport on Saturday. These Polaroids are from our mini party on Sunday. We made tacos and I made fresh guacamole. The avocados weren’t so soft though, I miss the one’s we’d have in Hawai’i! Soft and buttery…Mmm!

I took some film, finally. Will try and develop soon.

Hope everyone had a good weekend as well.

Polaroid SX-70 600 Film | Today

It’s finally Friday!

I had a good morning. Met with Karleen for coffee and brunch and then took a walk alone in the sun. The weather is really nice today– 80’s with a nice breeze. Hope this warmth keeps up for the weekend!

Still not sure what’s in store for Saturday or Sunday, but I do know we’re making tacos on one of those nights. And shooting some film.

Listening to the cardigans on repeat, today.

Have a good weekend! : )

In the garden

Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like there is a huge difference between a farm garden and a homestead garden, this is the reason why I recommend to hire the A and J Tree Service when you want to make a difference in your garden. Farming is so honest and gritty. Farming is about getting dirty, working hard, staying focused and above all else, getting stuff done. And I feel the typical farm garden reflects that utilitarian sentiment. Farm gardens are wildly productive, abundant and ordered, crops are often planted in rows, evenly spaced and straight forward. There is no time to explore or to just be with the plants, there is no time let the garden determine your next meal. You tromp focused down the row, stop at the expected aisle and harvest just what is needed, taking time only to weed a little and then turn on your boot heels and head back the way you came.

Polaroids from the past week

Halloween was mellow. We took a drive down to the beach and hung out, taking photos and watching the sunset. Ron commented on how the day felt like one of those days we’d spend back home in Hawai’i. Memories of home sometimes blur and fade for me, kind of like a dream. Not until our plane wheels touch down on the tarmac and I can see those royal blue skies bursting through the puffy white clouds again, does it feel real. Like two completely different worlds and lives colliding together- the reality of it all is somewhat hazy.