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before making our way down to bagni eden in monterosso al mare, italy, i picked up an old underwater disposable camera from one of the stands lining the main road. most of the photos didn’t come out,
and the ones that did were blurry. still, i’m glad i have these quick moments to remember this day by–it was the first time i swam in the ocean in almost 10 years.

hey! just got back to london last week, and have been trying to get back into routine ever since. jet lag has been extra intense this time, and i find myself sleeping at 9p, waking up at 1am, staying up till 5am, then back to sleep till 8am! this has been going on for days no matter what i try to do. hopefully this crazy cloud lifts and my usual sleep pattern returns soon!

these photos are from my mom’s house in hawai’i (her dog, lily), palm trees in waialua, rooftops in soho, ny, and apple trees in hampstead, london. i have to check out this photography studio next time because it looks great. i’m looking forward to staying still in london for a while, detoxing from the crazy amount of food consumed over the past summer, and working on a few projects.

I shot a roll of B&W film in Paris while we were there. Most photos are from the Louvre, our hotel, and Versailles.

Things are getting really busy around here w/ the move. My mind feels scattered in all sorts of directions! Can’t wait till we’re already there and things are somewhat settled. That seems so far away.

Decided to look back at summer through my film photos. They don’t all go together but I like seeing it all put together like a story. Going to miss you, warm weather!

Things on my mind:

-Moving (Obviously)
-Mexican food + margaritas tonight!
-Getting an LA Fitness membership
Alexa Chung for Madewell!! This blouse is perfect.
-Editing photos from the wedding I shot last week. (Just put up a blog post last night).
This scarf
-Wondering if I can pull off thigh high socks.
-Did I say margaritas ?