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it snowed a few weeks ago. ron and i woke up really early one morning, and stood on the balcony looking up into the darkness of 5am to watch the snow fall. i couldn’t go back to sleep, i was too excited and anxious for the sun to come up, so i could see what the neighborhood looked like in all white.

beta and i went for a walk later in the day. the wind was picking up and the closest snow shoes i had, were a pair of black boots w/ no grip that i picked up from a flea market in los angeles. it did the job, but left me slipping and waving my arms out to catch my balance here and there. the streets were quiet. all i could hear was the faint whirl of snow as it passed my ears, and the crunch of it under my feet. a few people were out walking their dogs, and others lugged groceries and colorful umbrellas around. we walked surprisingly far, down to the alley we always walk through to get to the town village. it looked icy, so we took the long way. the village was empty, and the local fruit stands weren’t selling much. i heard a few people complaining about the wind and how they couldn’t wait for spring. it made me smile for some reason.

before going home i stopped to take that last photo, and sat on a snowy bench to take it all in. i’ve never experienced living somewhere that snowed, never really experienced real season change either, so it’s been an experience so far! but sitting there on that little green bench while snow fell on my face, and the wind whipped my hair out of my jacket hood, and beta sat on my lap squirming her way out of my arms, overly excited to run through all that white. i felt happy. one of those days you don’t forget, y’know?

These two photos are from the other day when we took that one hour drive to the mountains. We stopped to get a coffee here, but they were closed. Ended up just walking around in the snow and admiring all that white goodness.

Tonight we ate at Pizzeria Mozza, with my husband and his two brothers. His older brother was in town for business so we met up for an early dinner and dropped him off at the airport on our way home. Nice relaxing night. I can’t stop thinking about how good the food was!

In other news: We’re taking a little road trip tomorrow and will be back on Saturday. Looking forward to enjoying some time away, relaxing without our computers. I can’t wait! I forgot to pick up film today, but have a little stashed away in my fridge so that will have to do.

Hope everyone has a great remainder of the week! : ) Leaving you with a link to a trailer. A love story by Roy Andersson. I really want to see this.