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Rolleiflex E. Taken on a warm winter day.
I didn’t want a week to go by without a post, so here’s a few photos I never got around to posting. So much has been going on lately, I haven’t had any time for myself or photos. Sorry for the break in posting, trying to find a way to balance everything out right now..

Been dreaming of sunlight, warm breezes, denim shorts and sandals. The list goes on. Can’t wait till the weather warms up!

Hi, world. I finally got out of the house on Sunday, after being stuck indoors with that little plague I contracted. It was nice to get out and see the world, and plus, it was 84 degrees! Sitting at the park, enjoying the sun and light wind, reminded me of summer. I brought my Rolleiflex with me and shot a roll of film (above).

Wow! It’s been a long time since i’ve updated. I’ve been really busy lately, which is a good thing. I also have these photos from this past Sunday. Finally got to take the Rollei out on a date w/ my new neck strap. I feel a lot more confident that it won’t crash into the concrete, now that it has a strap.

Things & Such

Kendal Johansson – Blue Moon
Small Obleeek
Ed Vichy Tote
-A few images I really love here here here and here

Hope everyone is having a great week! I’m really looking forward to some warmer weather. I have my shorts and sandals just sitting around waiting to be used.