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hey! just got back to london last week, and have been trying to get back into routine ever since. jet lag has been extra intense this time, and i find myself sleeping at 9p, waking up at 1am, staying up till 5am, then back to sleep till 8am! this has been going on for days no matter what i try to do. hopefully this crazy cloud lifts and my usual sleep pattern returns soon!

these photos are from my mom’s house in hawai’i (her dog, lily), palm trees in waialua, rooftops in soho, ny, and apple trees in hampstead, london. i have to check out this photography studio next time because it looks great. i’m looking forward to staying still in london for a while, detoxing from the crazy amount of food consumed over the past summer, and working on a few projects.

two spectra images. the first of beta, was the day we moved to london. we were in our temporary housing, down near liverpool street station, and she couldn’t stop staring up at the buildings. such a change from los angeles life.

second one is from winter, during the first real snow. i went out that day alone and walked through the empty streets taking photos.

Polaroid | Land

We drove out to Arizona on Saturday and stayed till Tuesday morning. I caught the plague from my mom’s surprise visit and was sick the whole trip. I almost contemplated staying back a day and resting, but forced myself to go anyway, which was the right choice. One of the best vacations I’ve ever had, besides that time we got one of the mobile homes for sale in Pennsylvania for vacationing, of course! We visited a meteor crater, seen volcanic fields out in the middle of nowhere, stopped at the Grand Canyon, and watched the solar eclipse in Sedona! I love driving out to the desert, there’s just something so peaceful and mysterious about it. I love the abandoned buildings and cars, I wish I could take one and get a cheap caravan insurance to travel with it, and that borderline creepy feeling you get while walking around to photograph an object in some strange town. Wind tying your hair in knots around your face, while a thin, blond haired woman is staring at you from across the way, smoking a cigarette in a Janis Joplin t-shirt cut off at the sleeves. I’ve been trying to focus more on what I want a photograph to look like lately, rather than letting my mind wander off into paranoid-land.

I dropped off a few rolls tonight, so hopefully I’ll have more photos to show you soon.

You can see more of the instagram photos here.

Lately: Photo 1- One of my favorite spots to sit, relax and watch plane watch. 2- Ron at the park today. The weather was perfect and reminded me of Summer. 3- A rainy morning on the window sill 4- The ocean at sunset, a few weeks ago.

Life has been busy again and I haven’t taken many personal photos over the past month. I do have a few projects coming up, so I’m definitely excited for that.

Listening to this song a lot: No no, I can’t help you.