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Thinking about my visit back home this past November. 3 weeks feel like 2 days when you haven’t seen your family in a year and a half.

These were taken at my parents house in Aiea.

Top – Bottom: 1) My mom’s old surfing trophies from back in the 70’s 2) Our back yard 3) My parent’s dog, lily. I used Fuji pro 400h for the first time w/ this roll and really like the results. I still have 3 more rolls of the stuff, stored in my fridge. Thinking about loading another roll and forcing myself out of the house. Winter is turning me into a hermit crab!

Time for dinner.

From our favorite spot

Mazzy Star-Flowers In December
Chungking-I Love You
The Mary Onettes-Explosions
Will Stratton-Who Will
Radiohead-How To Disappear Completely
Milosh-In These Arms

Some of these songs are old. Just a few of my favorites that have been frequenting my playlists lately. I love Milosh, I still have a bunch of his songs from when I was living at home in Hawaii. Reminds me of afternoons spent at the park, alone, watching the clouds and listening to music for hours. Here’s another good Milosh song: The City.

I’ve been pretty busy lately, working from home and on a few side projects. From my desk, I can watch the rain fall against the balcony outside. That pretty much sums up the past few weeks for me. Rain and work. I’m hoping to maybe get out this weekend and take a few photos, maybe even get some film developed if there’s time to spare. I still have some Holga film I haven’t developed since Big Bear, back in July! It’s Velvia though, and the photo lab I go to close by, doesn’t develop Velvia. Sadness! So, pretty sure I’m gonna have to wait on that one and head to Hollywood, once I find enough time and money. Seems like a lot of people are having that problem lately? Check out this reference. Not enough money + time.

Also, I’m trying to work on my 52 week project and update this little blog more. It would be nice to look back on an archived year and travel back in time to those little moments. Hopefully i’ll have some photos to post by Monday (or sooner??). We will see. Have a good weekend. : )

The pacific

Days when the light was alive

Opening new doors

Pine cone forest

Deep In The Woods
I’m slowly still uploading photos from my Hawaii trip. It’s amazing how quickly time speeds by when you isolate yourself. You watch the world through your windows, turn light to dark, then dark to light, while time slowly slips away and you wonder how 3 months have passed right in front of you.

On a separate note: I really need to learn how to scan my negatives better. I’ve had the scanner for months and still feel as though I’m doing things ALL wrong. Back to the drawing board…

Also, this song has been on my mind for some time now. I got to see them live, a few months ago and just love this song.