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I shot a roll of B&W film in Paris while we were there. Most photos are from the Louvre, our hotel, and Versailles.

Things are getting really busy around here w/ the move. My mind feels scattered in all sorts of directions! Can’t wait till we’re already there and things are somewhat settled. That seems so far away.

Film | 35mm

I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve updated this blog! I always think about posting, but lately so many things have been going on, I just haven’t had time.

After our trip to Hawai’i, we planned on staying in LA and resting. It felt like a long trip home and I was really tired from flying–it takes every ounce of energy out of me. Then out of nowhere, Ron let me know he had to go to Paris to speak at a convention for work. I didn’t think twice until he said it would be happening on his birthday! Flying 10 hours and 11.5 home isn’t my ideal scenario, but it’s PARIS and I’ve only dreamed of seeing it in real life! So I told him I’d go and we booked the tickets for the following week. Excited and nervous, but more excited than nervous, we packed and set up Beta with a happy home till our return.

Paris was amazing. My sister flew up with her boyfriend and stayed w/ us for a few nights. One morning, (in the photos above) we woke up really early and walked to the Louvre before it was open. No one was around and it felt so peaceful walking through the old halls, watching the rain clouds part above. We ate in a little cafe and I had a cappuccino and potato omelet, then we walked through the streets and looked in a few shops, where I picked up a present for Ron’s birthday. So glad I decided to go!

I have a lot more photos to share once I get them all back. I’m really going to try to update more. I miss this space.