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On the drive over to Palm Springs, we stopped to visit T.Rex and ate an early dinner at Kings Hwy. Black Bean Vegetarian Chili w/ Cilantro, Cumin & Vegetables. I love chili! Oh yeah, and a side of fries of course.

Have a happy weekend.

SX-70 // PX680 Film

This trip to Palm Springs has been amazing. The sunsets have been hot pink and blue, the weather in the 90’s, we’ve been laying out in hammocks and chairs by the pool, drinking blood orange cocktails and eating breakfast food for dinner, listening to records with the doors wide open, taking photos in the desert, wind and sand whipping our legs and faces, watching windmills at sunset and exploring random parts of town we had no idea existed.

It’s been fun to say the very least.

Here’s a few photos from the SX-70.

Also, we were listening to this song on repeat in our room: Band Of Horses / Infinite Arms- Factory
It’ll forever remind me of this trip!