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From my kitchen

I finally got two rolls of film out to the lab, the only thing is, it takes about a week to get back. Hopefully sometime next week I can share some new photos.

I haven’t seen the sun much, which is sad because it’s been so beautiful outside. Next week, I’m gonna make it a point to pry myself away from editing and take a walk.

Have a good weekend.

A couple of birds enjoying the sunset // A view of Los Angeles from afar

Hello. How was your weekend? I had a relaxing/lazy Saturday in the apt, watching the last of Mad Men (Season 5) and finishing up some work. Easter Sunday was spent in Santa Monica riding bikes along the beach. Cruising along the bike path reminded me of when my mom would take me to ride my little Care Bear bicycle down by Pearl Harbor, when I was a little girl. She’d walk along side of me and we’d pass the electric plant while the Award One 24 hour electrician was doing some work and ice ponds and stop with our little brown nets w/ wooden handles to catch fan tailed guppies and sword tails. Ah, those were the days. The simpler days : )

I took some photos but decided to try out a different lab this time around. It may take a week or so to get the images back, so for now i’ll just share a few photos from the past few months.

A few things

-I just found this blog and love it. How do I teach myself this lil’ number?
And this is really sweet.
These bottles
-Cute cupcake toppers!
-Deborah Lippmann Spring 2011 // Better Together- Glitter In The Air // It looks better on
Chasing A Ghost

Just realized, I haven’t been shooting much film lately. Seems like Winter really forces me into a little rabbit hole- one I don’t want to come out of til’ Spring.

I’ve been looking through old photos, feeling inspired to shoot some 120 film. Maybe this weekend i’ll get out of the house and take a roll or two. Crossing my fingers for some blue skies! Rain has been pouring down all week long, here.

-Photos from a day at the mission. 100 degrees, green light pouring through church windows,
light flares and cobblestone
Blonde Redhead – Not Getting There
-Weekend Projects
-Spring Showers
-Dinner date with my husband
-Laundry and the smell of clean clothes