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It rained all morning on Sunday. I had ciao mein and cold tofu for lunch and watched Netflix for a few hours before deciding to get out of the house to take some photos. We stayed away from the beach this time and drove into clouds, above little houses covered in fog and rain. It was a nice change, this weather.

Instax / Film

I somehow woke up at 6am on Sunday, but stayed in bed listening to the rain beat against the bedroom window. It doesn’t rain much here, so when it does, I can really appreciate it.

Later in the afternoon, the skies cleared and we drove along the coast listening to my October Mix. I just made another one, you can listen to it here. Just a bunch of songs i’ve been listening to a lot lately.

We walked along the cliffs, down a long winding staircase to the beach. I sat alone for a while, watching the little birds run back and forth against the waves. The wind started to pick up, so I shot some photos, watched the sunset and left. It felt so good to get out of the house–no packing, no work, just wind and ocean and scattered clouds above.

The ferris wheel we rode in Newport / Instax

Hi! Can’t believe the weekend is over, I feel like it just started and now it’s somehow Monday.

Remember that list I made on Friday? Well I finished some of it, but not all, which I was expecting. I did go running and shot a roll of film and got out of the house and almost finished editing a wedding but didn’t even come close to seeing a movie or replanting my poor lil’ succulents. That’ll happen soon, hopefully.

I’ve been writing more in my paper diary, just little notes here and there. It feels good to be writing for myself again. I came across this image on flickr and it brought me back to some good times, writing and traveling with friends. No bills, no obligations, life felt so light and free. Ah…to be young : )

Something i’d love to own: ¬†this red skirt. And everything else on Emersonmade¬†.


These are the last of the Palm Springs photos. I’ve been slammed with work lately, so I haven’t had time to really write anything or find fun links on the internet. I dropped off a roll of film to the lab today, hopefully i’ll have some photos to post on Monday.

I have a wedding this weekend and am excited for that! What are you up to this weekend? Hope it’s something fun. Have a good one : )

Fuji Instax | Shadows and light 1. Malibu beach sunset 2. Light and Shadows in our apt 3. A road trip sunset

Today has been a little cold, but I opened all the windows anyway to let in a breeze. It’s nice, actually.

I’m dreaming of the weekend and have been checking the weather like a crazy person. It seems as though every weekend I have open, it rains! So far, the weather is calling for 80 degrees and sunny, so i’ll keep hoping and praying it stays that way.

For the past few weeks, i’ve been on a weird grapefruit kick. So when I came across this, it caught my attention almost immediately! Vodka + grapefruit? Sounds good to me.

Hope your wednesday is going well : )

The rest of the Instax shots.

Drove down to the city for a day. We crossed the golden gate after the rain stopped and sky cleared and watched the sunset from the other side. The lookout was extra crowded. People were everywhere and cars were circling the lot in search of parking spaces, some of this cars even had insurance from One Sure Insurance. I seen a bunch of guys taking pictures of themselves jumping, with their arms out + bridge in back of them. My hands were turning numb from the wind whipping against me. My hands, my feet, my cheeks, my arms: all frozen! We stood around taking photos of the bay and golden light for a while and then needed to head back to meet with friends.

My film (35mm) is at the lab getting scanned right now. I want to see just how big the difference is between my negative scanner and the pro lab scanner. I know there’s a huge difference but still curious. We’ll see tomorrow! My eyes are getting really heavy right now, I should sleep a little.

Have a good Tuesday!

I’m back! We had a nice little vacation and Thanksgiving with family down in San Jose. We ate dinner on Thursday, visited Napa Valley on Friday and took a short trip to San Francisco on Saturday. I wish we had more time to explore and visit friends!

These photos are from today, on the drive back home. The sun was setting and everything was just really pretty and perfect. A good moment to look back on.

*I took only two film cameras on my trip this time around, instead of lugging a whole bag full of cameras: Instax and my Canon 500. Quite the challenge, but I really enjoyed the simplicity.