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I woke up this morning and the marine layer was thick and low, leaving a slight mist outside between the trees. It’s Halloween today (Happy Halloween!) and I think we’re going to take it easy tonight, maybe cook something light, listen to music and read a new book that a friend sent me, we want to try these headphones under $100 we got last week. I had all these little ideas on what we could do for Halloween, but am realizing after rush editing a bunch of photos, that I’m pretty tired.

Dusted off the tripod today and took a few photos with the Land Camera–nothing worth posting, but it felt good to go through the process. There hasn’t been much time lately, to sit back and enjoy all the newness around us. So far i’ve noticed that from where we’ve positioned my work desk, you can see the tiny planes flying in from the coast. My favorite is watching them at sunset– pastel pinks and yellows reflecting off their metal wings. The fog in the evenings remind me of nights in Hawai’i, when we’d come home from eating ramen at Taishoken and the air was thick and humid.

I was pretty hesitant about moving down here, but these little unexpected details have been surprisingly delightful.