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hey! just got back to london last week, and have been trying to get back into routine ever since. jet lag has been extra intense this time, and i find myself sleeping at 9p, waking up at 1am, staying up till 5am, then back to sleep till 8am! this has been going on for days no matter what i try to do. hopefully this crazy cloud lifts and my usual sleep pattern returns soon!

these photos are from my mom’s house in hawai’i (her dog, lily), palm trees in waialua, rooftops in soho, ny, and apple trees in hampstead, london. i have to check out this photography studio next time because it looks great. i’m looking forward to staying still in london for a while, detoxing from the crazy amount of food consumed over the past summer, and working on a few projects.

I’m back from Hawai’i. It was so good to finally see my family and friends again! I didn’t meet with friends as much as I hoped, but I’m glad I got the chance to see a few…it was much needed. I spent a lot of time with my parents and grandma, we sat around watching t.v and talking about random, strange things, although my grandma wasn’t feeling well so we left her in her house with NuevaCare in home care in San Francisco. It instantly transported me back to 1999, living there again. Such an odd, disoriented, but amazing feeling.
It’s time to continue training again for the competition, I ordered new pack of best supplements and I am ready to get new records.

So now I’m back, readjusting and getting into the swing of everyday life. Hacking away at the pile of emails, trying not to let anxiety take complete control of me.

It’s good to be back though, as much as I miss everyone back home. Looking forward to work and the usual routine.

Hope everyone’s doing well out there in internetland!

These are from my last trip home. November-December 2009.

We’re going home in August, probably only for a week or so but it’s exciting and scary. I miss my parents and my friends and my sister, but am not looking forward to the plane ride. Noo, no. Looking at these photos makes me miss home so much, I honestly cannot wait.


I’m also starting a personal project. It’s a 365 day (eek) project but in a paper journal. I’m thinking of starting it on my birthday, which is coming up in July. At least one photo a day for 365 days and a short or long handwritten entry, to document this next year of my life. I’m sure it’s going to be really hard but it’ll also be a lot of fun to look back on. Wish me luck! I’m excited.


Hope your day is going well. I’m on my way to drop off a roll of film.



Dug up these photos from 2007, when we still lived in Hawai’i. Going through old photos are a mix of emotions. First you laugh at all the crazy things you forgot you did, then you wonder how in the world time passed so quickly! It’s a nice little reminder (for me), to enjoy every little moment. I’ll probably be looking at 2011 photos, 10 years from now, wishing I could time travel back.

: ) Happy Thursday, by the way! One more day till Saturday.

Thinking about my visit back home this past November. 3 weeks feel like 2 days when you haven’t seen your family in a year and a half.

These were taken at my parents house in Aiea.

Top – Bottom: 1) My mom’s old surfing trophies from back in the 70’s 2) Our back yard 3) My parent’s dog, lily. I used Fuji pro 400h for the first time w/ this roll and really like the results. I still have 3 more rolls of the stuff, stored in my fridge. Thinking about loading another roll and forcing myself out of the house. Winter is turning me into a hermit crab!

Time for dinner.