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How was your weekend? Relaxing? I hope so.

For me, I did a lot of relaxing. I took a few naps and cooked some okinawa-style soba, then went and got some pinkberry yogurt down at the Americana, in Glendale. Just nice to get out of the house for a little bit.

Today I worked a little and watched a lot of television. At night we went to one of my favorite restaurants and enjoyed a nice little night over good food and drinks. Usually when we eat here, I get the lasagna bolognese. I figured, why not switch it up tonight and get something else. Ordered the penne roast vegetables with tomato and basil. It was amazing! I can’t stop thinking about it, and the best part is that I saved 1/2 of it for leftovers. It was a huge portion. I also have to add that, they have a really good garden vinaigrette salad! I would eat it everyday for the rest of my life if I had the chance, but will probably never find out the secret recipe.

Now we’re tired and tomorrow is Monday. Ohhhhhh Mondays…

At least I have those leftovers to look forward to : )

Made hamburger steak last night. Ground pork + ground beef, onions, salt and ground pepper, nutmeg, breadcrumbs (bread broken up with the crusts cutoff), egg, and milk. Sauce: Bulldog sauce + ketchup. I think we’re having the leftovers for dinner tonight. The patties came out bigger than I wanted, but overall, it was really good. Success : )

Made Tonjiru last night:

Boiled Konjac, gobo, daikon, carrots and thin slices of pork (I used shabu shabu beef) together in dashi stock + dissolved red miso paste for flavor. I want to try throwing in a bunch of other ingredients next time. It came out pretty good and it was easy to make, which is perfect because I’m still not very advanced in the kitchen. Actually, I’m not very advanced at ALL! I really want to learn more, so I’m making a big effort this year to learn more recipes and branch out of my usual routines.

Oh, almost forgot! We picked up these mini ice cream cones from Mitsuwa. They’re super cute and REALLY good. Wish I could teleport over to Hokkaido, Japan right now and have the real thing. Really wish I could take a trip right now.

Finally got around to putting up some images from dinner last night. We ate at a restaurant in Hollywood called Cafe Des Artistes and it was all that I had hoped it would be and much more. I had a beef filet mignon w/ peppercorn sauce + french fries, an absolutely amazing french onion soup and the flourless chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert. It’s been a long long time since we’ve been out to eat and I must say, it was very worth it.

After dinner, we drove around and I took a few slow shutter photos of the freeway. Just by some strange impulse, I felt like standing on a cold freeway overpass and balancing my camera with no tripod at 12 am. It was fun and nice to be able to spend time just driving around and talking about random things. I’m always up for some random babble.

Tonight I picked up a bunch of ingredients to make Tonjiru (Japanese soup). I’ll post the results tomorrow morning when I get up. For now, I’m gonna read a little and fall asleep. I’m re-reading “You shall know our velocity” By Dave Eggers. I have completely forgotten EVERYTHING about this book, so it’s kinda like reading it for the first time.

Also, I’ve been listening to this song again: Ohia-Two Blue Lights
It reminds me of summer nights in Hawaii, under multi-colored christmas lights, watching the
rain and fog fill up in the valley from my bedroom window.

Fond memories.