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One of my favorite songs: The Decemberists-California One

Do you spend hours every day in front of the mirror to look beautiful? While makeup is a fun way of expressing yourself and enhancing your features, you don’t need to rely on it as a crutch to define your beauty. A bare, natural look not only allows your authenticity to shine through but it’s also the best thing you can carry around. Well, is it possible to ditch your morning routine some days and still end up looking drop-dead gorgeous?

The answer is a straight out yes! We have a few simple tips for you to let your beauty shine through while you go au naturel.

Dry-skin brush

Use a bristled brush and stroke your skin while still dry a few mornings a week before you shower. This simple morning routine increases circulation of lymph and blood and removes dead skin cells! You’ll get glowing, smooth and touch-worthy skin, guaranteed. Other options could be to visit the top plastic surgeon NYC to get a great skin treatment for yourself.


Sweating is good for us and a dry sauna helps the body excrete toxins. The skin is one of the body’s elimination organs and when we allow it to breath by removing dead cells (dry skin brush) and sweat it can do its job a lot better.

3. Exercise

Get the blood flowing with some kind of exercise of your choice. It will bring color to your skin and the increased amount of endorphins and confidence looks good on you! Include some exercises like Pilates or yoga for good posture. Hold your head high, be present and smile – you are beautiful!

I can’t believe it’s already March. I got really excited because I thought the Rose Bowl Flea Market was this coming Sunday, but realized it’s next week. I always look forward to walking the aisles and rummaging through trinkets and old dusty cameras. I found a manual Canon fd f/1.4 lens for my little sister once, and she somehow bargained it down to $15! I wish I was good at haggling.

How’s your week going? Good? Bad? Boring? Mine is ok, but in need of some good change. : )

Things that are filling my week:

-A few things from this book: Encyclopedia Of An Ordinary Life- Amy Krouse Rosenthal

“Work must reflect the randomness of life, with its incessant, merciless, almost humorous bombardment of highly contrasting emotions and experiences.”

“The only way out is through”

“…constructed like an onion, the different layers enclosing the heart.”

“I always start off clean and organized when I fly. I tuck my magazines and earphones in the seat pocket, place my backpack neatly under the seat in front of me, lay my book on my lap…but about twenty minutes after takeoff, I’ve got papers everywhere, pens have fallen between the cushion crevices, pretzel and earphone wrappers are strewn on the floor, and one of my shoes has disappeared way under the seat.”

-Wanting a vacation (even for just a weekend)
-Working on new tee designs and finishing up temporary wedding site
-These songs: The Besnard Lakes-Albatross | White Hinterland-Icarus

Just posted one photo today, mainly because this one didn’t belong with any of the others. These little withering flowers were part of my Valentines Day bouquet. I really should get rid of old flowers that sit around and wilt, but somehow I like looking at them and remembering the day they were given. I hope that doesn’t make me an emotional pack rat?!

Anyway, not sure what this weekend will bring. I have no concrete plans. Only a few up-in-the air ideas like, CHOPPING MY HAIR OFF! But that has been an ongoing idea so who really knows when that will happen.

-A song that makes me feel calm.
Guacamole w/ a little too much onion (does that look right to you?)
-IT’S ALMOST FRIDAY! What are you doing this weekend??
Curry with vegetables
-And a fortune from a cookie. Now now, wouldn’t that be nice?
-Cambria wine from Santa Maria Valley. (came to this winery a while back)

Have a fun weekend, friends : )

This top is one of my favorite tops. I picked it up from some thrift store when my sister was visiting and wear it all the time. Too many plaid tops you say?!? NEVER!

-Making Guacamole (Thanks, Lauren)
-Loving this ring
-Thinking about buying this book
Tompopo | I couldn’t find a trailer with subtitles, sorry. I LOVE RAMEN AND UDON + love this movie.
-Looking for a battery for my Dad’s Nikon Zoom Touch 600. He gave it to me when we were in Hawaii and I still haven’t found a battery yet. He told me “the battery looks like a mini scuba tank”. That made me laugh a little. I should make an effort to go out and look for it.

I was hoping to put up a post with a few photos last night, but ended up getting food poisoning. Finally starting to feel a little better as the day progresses, but still feel week.

Things that are going through my head today:
-Speeding my own recovery
-Old mixes
-Pomelo (Jabon) fruit. (Photos above)
-My hair stylist has moved to Helmet Salon in West Hollywood. I got an email saying that she’s giving $15.00 off any cut, up until May 1st. Most of her cuts + styling are about $55.00 normally. If you’re interested in some discounted prices, let me know and I can fwd you the email. She’s really good.
-I’m really thinking of chopping my hair above my shoulders. Mainly because short hair is easier to maintain. I keep faving short-haired photos on flickr. Here are some of my favorites: here, here, here, here, here.
-Looking for a good recipe for Guacamole.
-Trying to finish a Holga roll that i’ve had since July. Used Velvia 50 and have to head down to Hollywood to get it processed. Last time I dropped off a roll at the lab down the street, they ended up having to send it out. I wonder if there is an easier alternative?? Maybe mailing it would just be easier.
-Really really wishing spring was here. Phil the groundhog says, “6 more weeks!”.
-This song: Bliss-Kissing

Ate at Europane today for lunch. We had an open face egg sandwich and a turkey sandwich, then I picked up 2 raspberry Macaroons and 2 espresso ones. They were really good, I stashed them in my fridge and have been nibbling on them all day.

It’s raining in LA again. I was really hoping for a spring-like weekend out and about, but will have to settle for some light rain and semi-sunny skies.

Things I was hoping the weekend would bring:
– Los Angeles Zoo
-Cooking something new (not sure what)
-Finishing up a little work
-Possibly the batting cage (for Ron of course)

Also, developed that roll of film I was telling you about. The Canon AE-1 roll. The negatives came back scratched and when I scan them in, most come out really blue. I’m not sure if it’s the film I’m using? I’ve never had this problem before. I guess i’ll just try again and see what happens. Hopefully the next roll comes out a little better. I might try another lab. What to do?

Listening to these songs tonight (From an old CD I found today) :

Minnie Ripperton/ Inside My Love
Milton Wright/ Magic Music
Leroy Hutson/ So Nice