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I shot a roll of B&W film in Paris while we were there. Most photos are from the Louvre, our hotel, and Versailles.

Things are getting really busy around here w/ the move. My mind feels scattered in all sorts of directions! Can’t wait till we’re already there and things are somewhat settled. That seems so far away.

These are a bunch of random photos from that b&w roll I shot. My little sister, trip to the ocean, oranges in my kitchen, camellia flower and a nice winter sunset.

I had a long weekend. Didn’t take many photos, so I still have 1/2 a roll sitting in my camera waiting to be shot. I stayed up late working on my new wedding photography blog. Bigger photos and a cleaner layout: Wedding Blog

I also came across Steven Alan’s Spring 2011 collection! I want almost every single thing in there! I keep looking at it trying to figure out what I want the most, but I can’t decide. I want it all.

I was going to post a bunch of entries this week but guess what? I got sick! I’ve been laying on the couch in an oversized millennium falcon tee, watching Madmen, trashy reality shows, eating jello and sucking on cough drops for the past few days. What a visual.

On another note, thank you so much for all the comments on my last post. I think I’m going to take Ashley’s advice and take up a class. I tried a sewing class last year in the summer but little 8 yr old girls were sewing circles around me. One even laughed in my face when I was the last to finish a simple stitch. Maybe I should give it another chance? I started to look for calligraphy classes, but there’s aren’t many, or I’m just searching in all the wrong places. I’m excited to try something new, outside of photography, just to give myself some balance. Thanks again for all the comments, I completely know how it feels to be stuck in a slump, uninspired!

Above are some photos taken around Christmas. We were driving around in the rain and a tiny tent on the side of the road caught our eye. Maybe it was the carny lights? I love carny lights. Anyway, we ended up buying a tree in the rain from the little tent and lugging it back to our apartment, soaking wet. We cooked that night and drank a little and I remember thinking how nice of a day it was, despite how gloomy the weather was.

Probably won’t be going out and doing anything this weekend because of this plague I caught. I think maybe the trashy reality, Mad Men and cough drops will continue for a few more days. Hope everyone has a good weekend! Enjoy it for me : )