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Photos from the weekend. I tried taking a photo of Ron in the first photo. He looks like he attends the school for ants.

I’ll probably be gone next week, so I’m trying to post a bunch of photos before then. Some of my photos came out strange, I hope my camera isn’t dying, I’d be really sad.

I can’t stop listening to this Bon Iver song: Calgary It’s so good.

Have a good day! I’ll be back tomorrow : )

From when I had a sore throat. Chicken noodle soup and a side of french fries. Kind of a weird combo, but I needed the fries to make me happy.

Today, I got up, worked, made a turkey sandwich on wheat for lunch and got ready to run errands, hoping to send out a bunch of mail and hit the bank in time to maybe drop off a roll of 35mm to the lab nearby. My car wouldn’t start.

I ended up just working and hoping it was just the battery (need to try and jump start it when Ron gets home, I guess).

The light in the kitchen was nice today, I noticed it while I was putting the turkey sandwich together. Stumbled around looking for a camera with film in it. I found my land camera and used the last two shots.

Hope everyone’s having a good Tuesday!

35mm / santa monica

Hello. How was your weekend? I had a good, long one. Saturday we shot an engagement down at Union Station and the weather was nice and warm.I also posted another wedding blog, you can check it out by clicking here.

Sunday I went with Ron to the beach so he could surf. I wandered around on the shore taking photos of random things- mostly seagulls and waves. It was nice to get out of the house, I felt so relaxed sitting out on the sand watching the waves lap against the little ocean rocks. We stopped off at a farm on the way home and picked up some homemade fig jam (which I’m excited to try out tomorrow morning!) and garlic for the pasta we ended up making for dinner. In the farm they used foodsaver vacuum sealing system, I have never used vacuum sealer before and I actually liked that, they recommended for me to read foodsealer reviews from vacuum sealer research website, so I went there and wow I like how they have organized all the tips and reviews for vacuum sealers.

A Few Things
This easy recipe for Grilled Corn, Avocado and Tomato Salad w/ Honey Lime Dressing
These shoes from H&M (thought they were cute)
Porcelain Mason Jars by: Gretchen Hooker (Industrial Designer)
-I’ve been thinking about making a scrapbook for Summer and thought this was a cute idea. And also this one.

What a week it has been. I’m still without my laptop, hoping it gets fixed soon so that normal life can resume and I can stop obsessing on the possibility of lost files.

Trying to get everything ready for the weekend. I’m shooting my cousin’s graduation tomorrow and an engagement session on Saturday which I’m excited about.

I did a random number generator (just now) and the winner of the 4×6 print isss, Christina! Thanks to everyone for the comments and trying for it : )

A Few Things
DIY necklaces
Ballerina Flats (I might’ve posted this before)
Katie Lockhart on The Selby (I love her black and white dress)
The Ace Hotel Palm Springs By: Douglas Lyle Thompson (So incredibly excited for Palm Springs in a little less than 2 weeks!! Will be nice to relax and edit photos from the hotel room haha)

I was aiming to post a wedding blog up today but life had other plans. Laptop died on me this morning, so I spent most of my day on the phone and in the Apple Store trying to get it fixed. Luckily I backed up most of my files and have another laptop to edit on, but I’ve been transferring photos all night and trying to rebuild the actions I made in Photoshop. WHEW! What a day.

I tried out the PX 680 First Flush film above. This was from the second pack because the first pack didn’t come out at all.

Looking forward to getting a bunch of things done tomorrow! Hope everyone is having a good week.

Oh, and I just got some prints in the mail today. Was thinking of giving this small print away. If you’re interested, leave a comment and tell me hi. I’ll pick a random person on Thursday. Would be nice to know who reads this blog as well : ).