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These are all from Newport Beach. Ron wanted to go surfing, so we drove down and I sat and read on the sand. The sky was bright blue and clear and there was a light salty wind. Yes, I was wearing jeans on the beach while everyone was in their bikinis and cute little denim shorts. I never know exactly how cold it’s going to be so I just wear jeans.

Still really busy so I’m keeping it short, I have to get home and talk to the Riverside HVAC services ( to schedule an appointment with heating parts for commercial use for my business. Have a great week!


These are the last of the Palm Springs photos. I’ve been slammed with work lately, so I haven’t had time to really write anything or find fun links on the internet. I dropped off a roll of film to the lab today, hopefully i’ll have some photos to post on Monday.

I have a wedding this weekend and am excited for that! What are you up to this weekend? Hope it’s something fun. Have a good one : )

We had to head back from Palm Springs a little early, due to some unexpected work that needed to be finished.

So long, Palm Springs, dark tanning lotion, sugary alcoholic beverages and music blasting from every corner. It’s been fun!

I still have more photos i’ll be posting throughout the week. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

On the drive over to Palm Springs, we stopped to visit T.Rex and ate an early dinner at Kings Hwy. Black Bean Vegetarian Chili w/ Cilantro, Cumin & Vegetables. I love chili! Oh yeah, and a side of fries of course.

Have a happy weekend.

SX-70 // PX680 Film

This trip to Palm Springs has been amazing. The sunsets have been hot pink and blue, the weather in the 90’s, we’ve been laying out in hammocks and chairs by the pool, drinking blood orange cocktails and eating breakfast food for dinner, listening to records with the doors wide open, taking photos in the desert, wind and sand whipping our legs and faces, watching windmills at sunset and exploring random parts of town we had no idea existed.

It’s been fun to say the very least.

Here’s a few photos from the SX-70.

Also, we were listening to this song on repeat in our room: Band Of Horses / Infinite Arms- Factory
It’ll forever remind me of this trip!