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-ice on the window, over ireland.

-beta’s been adapting to the cold rainy winter here in london. she used to cry and cry because she hated the cold wooden floors, but now i put her little furry bed out beneath the radiator, and she sleeps soundly for hours.

-clouds sometimes part and i run out onto the balcony to feel some sun on my face. the clouds seem to move really quickly here. rain, to sun, to heavy winds within minutes.

-we’ve been taking a lot of long walks around the new neighborhood recently (before getting sick). it’s been so nice exploring the streets, and tiny hidden alleys that lead up and down dark green hills.

walked along the river one day and then over the millenium bridge to st. paul’s cathedral, where we climbed to the very top right before sunset. my legs hated me the next day, but it was worth it.


i’m back! well, not really. I’m tethering my phone to my desktop and it’s a bad connection, but i’m so excited to share photos again!

the first half of the photos were shot in north london, when we were apartment hunting in late november. luckily we found a place within the first week we got here, so we’re all moved in, just waiting for the stuff we sent over by ocean to arrive.┬áthe second half of the photos were shot at borough market. ron and i went down one sunday and ate pulled pork sandwiches and vietnamese curry–i’ve been daydreaming about green curry ever since!

i also wanted to say merry christmas. hope everyone is having a good day with lots of food planned in your future : )

Halloween 2012

Our Halloween was spent finishing up projects and planning the move. We leave in just under 10 days, which is making my head spin. We watched the sunset from the ocean today and ate pasta nearby. I’m starting to feel so nostalgic.

Film | 35mm

Shot a roll of grocery store film over the weekend to test an old camera I’ve been trying to fix. I still have so many photos from Paris I want to share w/ you, but there’s just so many! I’ll get them resized and up this week, hopefully.

Some of you already know, but, we’re moving to London next month. It’s been a long, stressful few months figuring everything out, and I’m happy everything is finally moving forward. Ron took a job there, and I’m so happy and excited for him! We’ve been soaking up as much sun and beach time as possible before heading over. Everyone keeps telling me I’ll hate the weather and have a hard time adjusting, but I’m going into this thinking positive. I’ve lived in Hawai’i my whole life and have never experienced season change. I’m excited for that. I’m just excited, period.

Anyway, enough babble! Have a good Monday!