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right before the new year, last year, we took a trip to san francisco, then rang in 2012 with our new pup, beta. she’s taught me a lot about patience, and myself. i really can’t believe today marks 1 full year of us being together!

we took a quick trip to vegas one weekend to see friends. bloody marys, fireball slot machines, and sleepless nights in casinos. burning in desert heat  for photos, and drives out to see old friends.

we stayed w/ my sister + brother in-law for a weekend in palm desert. relaxed out by the pool, played board games till early morning and sat out talking for hours about life. i miss that. on the way home we did a quick drive through joshua tree! my first time there, and i hope not my last. something about the desert just draws me in. i could most definitely live there forever without any complaints. that must sound crazy, because most people hate the heat. i love it.

santa monica pier. roller coaster rides w/ my sister. french fries and sugary drinks out on the wooden tables. sunglasses and photobooth strips. laughs and seagulls.

by far, my favorite trip of 2012 was the grand canyon. we drove out to arizona and stayed in flagstaff, then made our way to the meteor crater in the morning and the grand canyon the next day. photos will never ever capture just how amazing, magical, and beautiful it really is. i’m so glad we decided to go, even though i was ridiculously sick w/ the flu. we even made it to sedona to watch the solar eclipse!

beach days w/ ron.

hawai’i in july for my birthday, to visit my family (finally!), and to shoot a wedding. i miss my family so much, so it was a bittersweet goodbye, knowing i probably won’t be back for a while.

nearing the end of summer. ice cream on the boardwalk. camelias. polaroids. fun stuff.

ron was asked to speak at a conference in paris for his work and asked if i wanted to come along. those who know me, know i have a phobia of planes and flying! this trip happened to be falling on ron’s birthday though, and the thought of him spending his birthday alone in paris just didn’t feel right. so i agreed to go. i still don’t know how i got myself to board that plane. i spent most of my time w/ my sister (she flew up for a few days), then i explored alone. lots of strolls through beautiful gardens, one of the workers even recommend a Makita Bhx2500ca Review to keep my garden clean, lunches in little cafes, room service and photos. dear paris, i can’t wait till we meet again.


the last days of los angeles. just writing that made me feel a little choked up. i miss it, and it’s only been a month. i don’t normally feel this way about leaving a place, but LA has a piece of my heart. living there has taught me so much and has helped me grow into such a stronger, more confident, loving, trusting, and forgiving person. and for that, i will always have so much love for it.

and now i’m here, in london. soaking up the soggy sunshine that every other day brings through the skylights. through the little cracks in tall shiny buildings. through the bridges and beautiful parks and historic, amazing sites that sit just about everywhere in this city. i’m ready for you, and 2013. cheers! and happy new year, everyone :)