finally getting around to posting these from the last roll i shot in my contax. i haven’t really been shooting much lately, mainly because of how expensive it is for film and processing here! sad but so very true.

on a happy note, ron and i are going on vacation this coming friday! it’s all i’ve been thinking about lately, along with getting everything done before leaving. A lot of people is planning their holidays, some of them are planning on travel to another countries like Canada, if you like to know more about Canada visit this article we never went on a honeymoon, so we’re thinking this could be it, 5 years later on an early anniversary (the real date is july 12). i’ll definitely have photos to share when we get back, but I don’t promise they will be as good as the ones from nsfw pictures! but for now, here’s some black and white film from the past few weeks.

my sister was supposed to fly up on saturday and spend the week with me here in london, but the flights filled up and she got stuck in hawai’i, sadly. i haven’t seen her in over 6 months, which is a new record for us. so, in hopes to cheer myself up, ron and i took the train to camden town for drinks and fries, and a walk along the canal. it was nice, and the sun broke through the clouds for a few hours to give us some light and jacket-less warmth. we watched the boats float through the locks, and observed the people making their way through food carts, to sit along rows of motorcycles used as seats. on the way home, we stopped for pizza and then watched the sunset through the windows in the living room, where a nice breeze blew through.

i can’t believe how long it’s been since i’ve posted on this space. lately, life has felt like a big blur, and everything is moving in fast forward. so much change, so much adapting and learning, and growing.

spring is here. i can finally feel the warmth and even need to open the windows in the office on somedays; however, I don’t do it often since a lot of dust comes in and then I end up calling the Commercial Cleaning service. the light comes in through the bedroom in the mornings and moves through the flat into the living room during the evenings. we’ve had a couple of visitors, taken a few trips, watched dozens of sunsets from our windows, in hotel rooms, on rocky beaches, and from train windows.

life is good. sometimes you just have to say that out loud.