switzerland was amazing, and my favorite place on earth i’ve realized. i’m trying to get around to posting everything from this trip.

we went through all of our stuff in storage finally, and i picked up my old photos. going through a lot of them, and finding some i’ve never posted here before.

scenes from a gloomy day near the ocean, and a little beta. can’t believe how much has happened in just one year, these days feel so far away.

stayed a night in cambridge this past winter. got lost and ended up walking through an old graveyard on the way to the train station.

two spectra images. the first of beta, was the day we moved to london. we were in our temporary housing, down near liverpool street station, and she couldn’t stop staring up at the buildings. such a change from los angeles life.

second one is from winter, during the first real snow. i went out that day alone and walked through the empty streets taking photos.