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It rained all morning on Sunday. I had ciao mein and cold tofu for lunch and watched Netflix for a few hours before deciding to get out of the house to take some photos. We stayed away from the beach this time and drove into clouds, above little houses covered in fog and rain. It was a nice change, this weather.

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I somehow woke up at 6am on Sunday, but stayed in bed listening to the rain beat against the bedroom window. It doesn’t rain much here, so when it does, I can really appreciate it.

Later in the afternoon, the skies cleared and we drove along the coast listening to my October Mix. I just made another one, you can listen to it here. Just a bunch of songs i’ve been listening to a lot lately.

We walked along the cliffs, down a long winding staircase to the beach. I sat alone for a while, watching the little birds run back and forth against the waves. The wind started to pick up, so I shot some photos, watched the sunset and left. It felt so good to get out of the house–no packing, no work, just wind and ocean and scattered clouds above.

Happy Monday! / Instax from last night in Chinatown. My sister’s last dinner in LA

My sister was in town over the weekend for my birthday. We ended up going to Umami Burger for lunch! I was so excited to finally try their burgers after hearing so much about it. I ordered sweet potato fries with a burger and a coffee–everything was really yummy.

After lunch we shopped on 3rd street in Santa Monica and drove along the coast, stopping at a little beach for a few hours. It was nice and relaxing, I don’t think my birthday could’ve gone any better. We ate in Malibu, he had drinks and I just had a bottle of water from, then went home exhausted.

I have a few rolls to develop tomorrow. Hopefully will get them back soon. : )

Instax photos from Sunday / Marina Del Rey

I took my Instax with me to Marina Del Rey. The original plan was to go to Venice and take a walk, but the area we wanted to visit had zero parking. We got some ice cream, sat on the the benches facing the ocean and watched the pelicans and seagulls and sailboats while the sun went down.

I’ve been craving blood orange cocktails since our ACE Hotel visit. We had blood orange cocktails everyday by the pool and I haven’t stopped thinking about them since. I found a recipe that looked good (here) and was thinking of trying it out tomorrow or when my sister arrives on Wednesday. Now to find blood oranges…

Ps- Doesn’t Ron’s shadow look strange in the last photo? Almost cartoonish.

Hello! It’s been a while! SO much has been going on with me this month. I had to deal with a lot of things the week before and the week OF Polaroid week, so I almost feel as if I didn’t really get to look through all of the photos this time around. I wish ‘Roid Week was more than once a year.

These photos were taken on July 4th. We picked up some sparklers that didn’t quite look like sparklers and a few smoke bombs and sat outside, talking and burning them. It was a nice day.

I ended up going to Marina Del Rey this past weekend. We just hung out on the docks and watched the sleepy Pelicans rock back and forth on the fishing boats.

I’m going to attempt a drive to the photolab today. I haven’t driven in almost 2 weeks because I hurt my wrist. Turning the wheel is extremely painful, along with opening doors and locks and washing my hair and pulling my seat belt over me. I’ve been doing stretches and it seems to be helping though, this weekend has actually been good and the pain isn’t as bad.

In other happy news, my sister is coming to visit on Wednesday! I’m so excited! She’s coming up to celebrate my birthday on Friday. EEK! FRIDAY! Where’d the month of July go?

Hope you’re all well.

Ps- I posted a wedding blog. If you’re interested, you can check it out here.