I got my film developed today, the lab did 4 rolls in an hour and a 1/2! I was so excited to get them on the same day I turned it all in.

These are from the Monterey Bay Aquarium. That little cyclone in the second photo (diptych) are little anchovies. I spent a good 30 minutes just staring at them follow each other in circles. You can really spend your days here just staring into fish tanks.

We watched the otters get fed- they float on their backs and eat fish from their bellies! We also sat and watched a ‘kelp feeding’, where a guy in an Oneil wetsuit, scuba dives down into the kelp garden depths and feeds the sealife. I didn’t want to leave but realized we were there for 4 hours and needed to eat dinner.

I have a lot more photos to share, which i’ll get up soon. Have a great Wednesday.



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  1. February 23, 2011

    The aquarium photos just made me squeal. Did you squeal when you were there? I would. Dave and I area headed back to San Francisco in October for a wedding and if we don’t make it to the aquarium this time (I’ve been to San Francisco almost a dozen times and have never been!) I will shed tears. I anxiously await the rest of your photos!

    • February 23, 2011

      whitney- i did squeal! and i did a little happy dance. hopefully you get to visit! it was better than any aquarium i’ve been to.

  2. February 23, 2011

    Great photos! And Whitney, all of us at the Aquarium are ready and waiting for you and Dave to visit. I can guarantee: Many squeal-worthy experiences await!

    Ken Peterson, Communications Director

    • February 23, 2011

      ken- thanks for the comment. can’t wait to visit again!

  3. Ron #
    February 23, 2011

    I love these photos. Wow

  4. Nick #
    February 23, 2011

    The photos came out sooooo good : ) love them a lot a lot a lot

    • February 23, 2011

      nick – thanks! i can’t wait for the day we visit TOGETHER!

  5. February 23, 2011

    I was first amazed by that swirl of fish you were able to capture. Incredible. But then secondly amazed by Ken Peterson – on top of his blogger-outreach game!

    We only drove through Monterey when I was up in that area, but clearly this deserves a return trip.

  6. February 24, 2011

    These are amazing…

  7. February 24, 2011

    green with envy, we have nothing of the sort anywhere here or nearby… i LOVE that swarm of fish and the photo just next to it. pure magic! i’d be mesmerized as well…

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