Made a bunch of photoshop actions today. I’m trying to figure out a way to save them each as an .atn file. Usually I just create them for me to use, but was going to send them to my sister and don’t know how to export. Used them on these photos above, I wanted something really subtle.

I was curious to know what you think about photoshop actions. Do you support photographers that buy and use actions that other people make? Does it matter to you? Or do you believe in creating them yourself? I had this conversation with a friend yesterday and it just got me wondering. Personally, it’s not a really big deal whether it’s bought or made. If you’re able to create something/anything and make it your very own, I find that so amazing.

On another note: The weather is lovely today. White clouds and blue skies, basically the complete opposite of yesterday’s thunder, rain and lightning. The weather is so weird.

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  1. October 4, 2010

    Beautiful shots and processing, as always. I actually only recently discovered photoshop actions… before that, I used to edit everything individually, one by one, without actions (keep in mind that when I did those edits individually, it was a purely trial/error, ‘figuring things out as I go’ kind of editing). That is probably the reason that till this day I look back at old photos I edited and cringe… I don’t know what I was thinking for some of those edits… and I’m even more embarrased to admit that I actually liked them at that time! Haha. Anyway, a friend of mine told me about photoshop actions, so I checked it out. Most of those actions are way too harsh, so I’d use it as a start, then make adjustments to those actions to get the kind of look/feel that I like. At first I did feel kinda strange using actions, but I can’t deny that it is rather convenient… and I could not imagine a wedding photographer editing hundreds of photos without using photoshop actions, whether it be their own or bought. Regardless of that, it still does take a lot of work, time and energy. I would love to make my own actions, but I haven’t really dabbled into that just yet… that’s on my ‘to-do’ list though. =)

  2. October 13, 2010

    i know i’m a little late to this, but i’ve been playing around with some actions myself. i recently got a free one that i’ve been using (and manipulating a bit), but i feel kinda wrong using somebody else’s action (like i’m cheating or something)…so i’m learning how to create my own, and well, it’s not easy. :/ but i don’t think there’s anything wrong using someone else’s actions…i just feel like a cop-out if i don’t do it myself. does that even make sense? I used to not even process my photos, i kinda liked the raw quality of an untouched, sooc look, but now it’s becoming more and more appealing to me to make my photos more ‘me’.

    I love the way you process all of your photos though, you are definitely one of my favorite photographers. :) thanks for sharing all of your wonderful talent.


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