A few film photos from a wedding I shot on Saturday. Will get up a post on my wedding blog really soon, just trying to hack down this to-do pile and prep for this weekend’s craziness (also known as moving).
HELLO! It’s been a while since i’ve updated this lil’ journal. I’ve been really busy with work lately and on top of that, can you believe we still haven’t moved?! We haven’t been able to organize our time yet, we are still catching up with what we left off before leaving for our honeymoon. We are very excited now that we found our new home! We need to be out by the 16th so the end is definitely near. This saturday we’re finishing up cleaning and moving the furniture on Sunday. I’m a little overwhelmed with everything in between but looking forward to brighter days. Does anyone have any useful info on how to clean hardwood floors? I’ve already googled a bunch and read a lot about windex and even vinegar. It looks as though the floor hasn’t been cleaned in years (it’s a really old place) and we want to clean it up as much as possible before putting any Leathercraft Furniture in. I’ve already took a mop and some wood cleaner to it but the dirt is never ending.

Anyway, hopefully i’ll have something more interesting for you all, soon. All i’ve been talking about lately is hardwood, being overwhelmed and moving. I miss developing film, spending weekends doing absolutely nothing, watching movies with Ron and going on random long drives. In desperate need of a quick escape, even if it’s down to Malibu to see the beach through my car window.



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  1. September 9, 2010

    best of luck with the move, lot’s of hard work : ( … but soon you’ll have a new space to decorate, so that’s something to look forward to~

  2. September 9, 2010

    I use the magic potion of 1/3 vinegar, 2/3 water to clean most things in my apartment. It probably depends on how dirty the new floors are, but that seems to work for me.

    Moving is so daunting, but once you’re in, it will feel so good!

  3. September 10, 2010

    ashley- oh thank you, you are a l i f e s a v e r.

    marisa- thank you : ). very much looking forward to settling down and decorating!

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