Finally starting to warm up, here.

We headed to Hollywood a little after 1, to check out The London hotel for a wedding where I had my tuxedo specially shipped from tuxedo rentals Bergen County NJ . It was a last minute call and I really wanted to just check out the grounds to get ideas for what to do on the day of. It’s such a nice hotel, they even have the Gordon Ramsay restaurant there! I want to try it one day.

After taking photos and talking w/ the wedding coordinator, we had lunch at Mel’s and then stopped in Silverlake to get coffee but they were closed. Luckily a store i’ve been wanting to check out, was right across the street. I ended up buying this nail polish that i’ve been drooling over, for weeks.

Ron wanted to throw some baseballs, so we called his brother and hung out at the park till sunset. They made me catch balls in the outfield and now I feel completely exhausted from running and stopping the balls with my feet. Kinda like in soccer. I definitely need more exercise, I didn’t know how out of shape I was until today!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend. One more day left! What to do??

Music for a Saturday evening:
Bonnie Raitt – Can’t Find My Way Home
The Zombies – Summertime


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