Ended up checking out the LA Farmers Market (next to The Grove) down on Fairfax. I was searching for some Farmers Markets that were open a little later than usual and this one showed that it was open till 9 on weekdays, 8 on Saturdays and 7 on Sundays! Picked up some veggies for a stew I wanted to make, and drooled over chocolate bread and fresh peanut butter! Mmm.

They had a little sticker store there which reminded me of when I was a little girl. My friend Shannon and I would send handwritten letters to each other and throw in a bunch of stickers and erasers as an added bonus. I thought it would be cute to buy a few squares of sparkly unicorns + calico cats and send them her way, via snail mail. There was also a cute little antique shop that carried a bunch of old posters and figurines. They had a box of jumping beans that I wanted to buy (not sure what i’d do with them?) but it was $49, which was a little too expensive.

After the Farmers Market, we went to Mels Drive-in. They have a bunch of Jukeboxes placed on most of the booth tables, and you pay a quarter to listen to an oldie. Whenever we’re here, we use up a bunch of quarters and pretend we’ve transported back to the 50’s or 60’s.

Here are a few songs we played tonight: Jackie Wilson- Lonely Teardrops, Otis Redding-Try A Little Tenderness + Sittin’ On The Dock Of The Bay, The Temptations- Aint Too Proud To Beg + Just My Imagination, Michael Jackson- You Are Not Alone and Marvin Gaye-Inner City Blues. I really love David Ruffin in this one: I Wish It Would Rain.

Before I go to sleep, I wanted to share a little audio piece that I found on a podcast: BREAK UP (Click on Full Episode)

I’m sure many people can relate to it.

Goodnight, world.



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  1. Nick. #
    February 22, 2010

    ohhhhhhhhhhhhh man yogurt!!!!! also love the pictures of the stickers, wish i could chill w. you : (

  2. sharlyn #
    February 23, 2010

    The stickers bring back memories. I had pen pals and we would mail each other stickers…there was nothing like receiving an envelope filled with a stack of stickers in the mail. And I so want to dive into that plate of eggs and hash browns. Yum!

  3. February 23, 2010

    nick- come up and let’s have a party. i’ll bring the ballooons :)

    sharlyn- ohhh pen pals! i remember those :) i loved stickers. also, pencils and eraser collecting.

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